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'Selichot-A Community Confession' is an interactive exhibit promoting the themes of repentance, t'shuvah, & transformation during the sacred month of Elul & the Jewish High Holidays. Visitors and members are invited to write out their transgressions and confessions on plaques, either anonymously or not, and hung as a collection on an oversized Torah theme peg board and prayer wall. This is a completely Free do-it-yourself display.

'Selichot' confirms the power of public t'shuvah as a means to promote healing and unity for both the individual & community. During the High Holidays we seek t'shuvah as a collaborative community. 'Selichot'embraces this theme as a fresh & inclusive approach to the Jewish tradition of taking collective responsibility for our lives and the activities of the community. It is a catalyst that helps bring us together during this sacred season of renewal. It advances the process of t'shuvah as a wonderful original and inclusive community representation and spiritual practice.

Thousands of confessions, requests and prayers for forgiveness will be publicly shared and viewed amongst our North America Jewish communities. This is a mitzvah project created by Carmi Y. Plaut and Beth Fishman. If you are interested in receiving updates and news on the many Selichot exhibits throughout our communities please Contact Us 

Please sign up to download the DIY (do-it-yourself) files & information for the following:

  • Digital files for printing:
    • Torah Scrolls
    • Drop Box signs
    • Selichot Header sign
    • Hanging plaques/print your own
  • Blue Print for how to build a Torah Pegboard

Please stay in touch and share your Selichot community experiences. We hope to be posting pictures and relevant shared information of the various displays and gatherings created.

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